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gweike cloud air filter bundle

gweike cloud air filter bundle

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-Air Filter (home type)

-Filter Cartridge 1 set


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Super Compatible with Gweike & Other Laser Engravers


Gweike cloud (home filter) VOFA AD Access Glowforge Air Filter Beam Air Filter xTool Smoke Purifier
Unit Price $850 $1600 $1300 $1000 $700
Filter Price $150 $260 $250 $250 $160
Notes No machine control, large filters More industrial build quality. Only a 2'' hose No specs found, no manual either. It's from Glowforge USB interface, sells pre-filters roughly 50% smaller Roughly 30% the size of the others

Product Description

The first filter is thicker.

Longer lifespan up to 4 times than the market one.

Lifespan: 1-3 months

The second layer here is the hepa filter

which mainly filters PM0.5, effectively absorbs and filters air 0.25-0.5μm which can cause harmful particulate matter to human body. It is recommended to replace it in about 6 months.

Lifespan: 3-6 months

The third layer here is made of activated carbon filter

which absorbs some of the terrible sense created by different materials.

Lifespan: 6-12 months

Product Parameters

Power 300W
Wind 400m³/h
Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Weight 25kg
Air inlet Dimensions Db 20-150mm
Dimensions 420*320*580mm
Db ≤55db
  • Control Knob to Adjust the Wind Speed

  • Exhaust Hose (3m)

  • Quality Universal Wheels

  • Highly Sealed Structure

  • Carry Handle, Easy to Carry and Transport

  • Ultra-Quiet Fan

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Customer Reviews

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excellent air filter

This is probably the best affordable air filter with a large volume activated carbon filter a very decent prefilter and an adequate HEPA filter stage.
The only major downside is that gweike does not offer the three filters for sale separately. I would absolutely recommend to them to offer the replacement filters for the three filter stages separately!