G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver
G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver

G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver

G2 20W Metal & Plastic Fiber Laser Engraver

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2 years

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  • 1. Compatible with Lightburn
  • 2. Speed up to 15000mm/s
  • 3. 100k Hours Lifespan
  • 4. Exceptional Accuracy
  • 5. Desktop & Handheld 2 in 1
  • 6. Auto Lift & Manual Lift
  • 7. Working Area 110*110mm & 150*150mm
  • 8. Vivid Color Engraving
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Get Free Safety Shield


Get Free Safety Shield

Ultra-speed Galvanometer

Gweike G2’s 20W of continuous power is coupled with a galvanometer that delivers extraordinary speed, driving Gweike G2’s exceptionally fast and deep engraving capabilities.

Galvanometer scanning marking can carry out vector marking and dot matrix marking, featuring adjustable marking range, quick response, fast marking speed (hundreds of characters can be played per second), high marking quality, good optical path sealing performance, strong adaptability to the environment and more.

Gweike G2 is outfitted with a state-of-the-art fiber laser lens, a combination that provides unrivaled speed and exceptional stability. Exhibiting an engraving velocity of 15000mm/s, the G2 drastically transcends the capabilities of standard market competitors. It's a significant stride in engraving technology, achieving a speed that's not just faster, but ten times faster! This tenfold increase in speed opens up a wealth of previously unimaginable possibilities.

Three distinct engraving resolution selections, namely 2k, 4k, and 8k,are available to cater to the intricate requirements of your tasks.
These options ensure that the optimal level of detail is readily accessible, thereby enabling a seamless and highly refined engraving process.

30+ Colors

different gorgeous colors on stainless steel and titanium

Electric Stand

Gweike G2 features an automatic lifting function, activated by long-pressing the up and down buttons. This function enhances user convenience and precision in adjusting engraving depths, making the Gweike G2 a valuable tool for both detailed and high-volume engraving tasks.

  • Roller Rotary

  • Chuck Rotary

Handheld Engraving Anywhere

Handheld Engraving

G2 is ingeniously designed with a detachable structure, expanding its engraving capabilities beyond the confines of a traditional workbench.

Multi-angle Engraving

The mobility of G2 encourages creativity and functionality, allowing for personalized engraving across a wide range of contexts and surfaces.

A Bigger Picture

Optional working areas aim to live up to different requirements of your business and elevate your projects.

Vast Compatibility

Specs Summary

Model G2
Standard Marking Field 110*110mm / 150*150mm
Laser Type 20w Raycus Ytterbium Fiber Laser Source
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Output Power 20W
Marking Speed < 15000mm/s
Repeat Accuracy ±0.001mm
Minimum character 0.1mm
Repeat Pulse Frequency Range 30 - 60 kHz
Operation Temperature 15 - 35 ° C
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Supply Voltage 110-240 V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption < 120 W
PC Connection USB cable
Certificates CE FDA
Color Available st patrick blue
Net Weight 12Kg
Machine Dimensions 260mm(L)*440mm(W)*505mm(H)

G2 Reviews

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  • Windows




Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brian Lee
Great laser for its price range

I was an early backed on Kickstarter, been using the G2 for about 3 months now. I don't really intend to travel with it, but it's small and light enough that you could, definitely lighter than most other fiber lasers in its power range.

The software (GLaser) takes some getting used to, but is very similar to EzCad, so almost any video or tutorial you find on that can translate to this.

Compared to the 2w IR laser I had before, the G2 is so much faster at marking things and can engrave deep when I want to. I've marked a variety of plastics, marked and engraved metals, and engraved slate tile. And after some testing, can even get some colors to anneal on stainless steel.

Support has been responsive, and the community on their Facebook group is helpful as well, with users posting test files, tips & tricks.

Drawbacks? Judged against other 20w fiber lasers the only drawback is lack of LB support, but that is being worked on. Judged against fiber lasers in general, could always have more power or could have a MOPA source (even more/better color annealing), but then it certainly wouldn't be in the price range it's in. Compare against Gweike's G6 series to see how much different that would be.

I'd buy it again

Jeff Does What
Superior fiber laser

I have had this laser for several month and it is a work horse. It is my most dependable laser i have out of the 20+ lasers in my shop. This one you cants sleep on.

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Donald Leibowitz
It's great laser burner

I've had mine for a week and compared to my two watt laser burner this thing is fantastic it burns deep and it burns good I have no problems with it I had a problem setting it up and call customer support and they work me through it getting right wires hooked up the right way have no problem with customer support got mine from Amazon it didn't come with a shield I called the company and they sent me a shield for free I have no complaint with their service and I recommend this laser

Ferenc Nemeth
Great machine

! Perfect for my needs .Very helpful customer service.

Perfect laser engravings with the Gweike G2 laser

After careful consideration and intensive research, I recently opted for the Gweike G2 laser to carry out metal engravings. And I must say, my decision has proven to be extremely satisfactory.

The delivery of the device went smoothly and the device was carefully packaged, which immediately gave me a good feeling. It was surprisingly easy to set up thanks to the well-structured instructions. It didn't take long before I had the appliance ready for use.

However, what impressed me the most was the quality of the laser engravings. The precision and clarity with which the G2 laser works is simply impressive. I saw a video showing the engraving at maximum power and I was mesmerized by how fast and accurate the laser is. In real time, the result is just as impressive as in the video.

Of particular note is the legibility of the QR code I engraved on a piece of metal. Even with the finest details and complex patterns, the clarity is maintained.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the G2 Laser from Gweike. The quality of the laser engravings, the ease of set-up and the reliable delivery make this device an excellent choice for anyone who wants to do high-precision metal engraving. I can recommend the G2 laser without reservation.