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Riser Block 1 set
Jenifer Heltemes
So much easier!

Omg I am so happy they made these risers! Most of my time was spent adjusting the height. And the RF model isn’t light! These are the game changer. I have expanded to so many new items now! Worth every penny!

Good laser with the possibility of improvement

The order was very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately there were a few problems and delays with delivery. I finally received the laser. The laser was very well packaged and had no damage during shipping. Unfortunately, the insert was slightly bent, so that the limit switch was not activated and the insert was rubbing on the underside of the honeycomb. That shouldn't happen at this price and I would have liked a little more quality here. After testing for a week, the laser otherwise appears to be working without any problems. Only calibrating the camera with Light Burn didn't work and the response from support was just to use an older version of Light Burn. In general, communication with Light Burn is a bit bumpy and could definitely be improved. Unfortunately, the Air Assist sucks in some smoke inside the housing, which increases the contamination of the lens. A real compressor could definitely be installed here with air intake from outside the machine. Unfortunately there is no red dot laser installed to improve positioning. That's why I think it's a good machine but there's also room for improvement.

It’s only okay

It is much louder than they claim, mine hums and buzzes like something is loose enough to vibrate when it’s on. It isn’t well constructed. There isn’t a way to attach an exhaust hose for the output which is very short sighted. Mine didn’t come with a hose even though it mentions one in the listing. It’s definitely overpriced priced for what it is.

Time to upgrade......

If you want to upgrade your diode laser and been looking for a good Co2 laser.....this is the one folks. For the price you get this one for you cant go wrong. The best part for me with this laser is that I can use it with Ligthburn and off line. But....there is a but.....If you dont like to read some instuctions on how the laser works or how to figure out settings, you should not get a laser at all. This is not a toy to play with, laser is dangeruse if you are not paying attention to what your doing. I`ve had this laser now for 1 year and cant be more happy with it. The people at Gweike are awsome and helpfull and they have a facebook group where people are werry active and helpfull. A lot of ides are been shared there.

Nice exhaust filter

I have purchase two of these filter for my lasers, and use them on tabletop CO2 and enclosed diode lasers. The filters have worked well for removing the smells of processing various materials and the noise is acceptable for the amount of air that this unit can move on the highest setting.

The units did not contain the same accessories: one unit came with an exhaust hose, the other did not; one unit came with two sizes of hose adapters, the other with three sizes; one unit came with three extra prefilters, and the other with two. I can only state that the second filter I ordered contained the full set of accessories (hose, three adapters and three prefilters), however your purchase may be different.

Even without the full set of accessories, I would still buy another if the size met my requirements.

gweike cloud NOX CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver
Tuomo Oksanen

Perfect !

55w gweike

My first CO2 laser, I have been using a diode laser up until now so new to CO2. The machine was delivered to my door well packaged no issues, everything was as described, I have been learning to use it for awhile now, and I'm pretty happy with it, I can't compare it to any other CO2 as this is my first one, I am only using lightburn software, some reviews I read complained about setting up the camera focus side of things, and laser focus but I found if you have some patience it will work fine, I'm pretty happy with the machine, it did do a few strange things a couple of times that I couldn't figure out, the only thing I would complain about is there is no detailed manual or trouble shooting guide included, because of this even some of the simple issues you might have you need to workout and can take some time, there is plenty of good information on utube, and lightburn forum, you just have to sort through it which takes some time, the best thing is the what's app support team if you have any issues you contact them and they get back to you in minutes really helpful but as with anything it's a learning curve.
Happy lasering👍

Solid Platform

These are great for elevating the laser so you can use a rotary. There are two lengths which can be combined for even larger volume runs.

RF Laser

Ordered the RF laser in early June and received it in Miami in July. Customer service was excellent all the way through the process, including helping with a delivery problem from the local shipping company who became a problem as they would show up to deliver when I wasn't home and I never knew what day they were coming. Customer service at Gweikecloud helped resolve the issue.

This is my first Laser Engraver. I'm still learning to master it but have created some beautiful products. Customer service again is first class (a WhatsApp Group Chat) and they are fast to answer any and all questions.

Some in the USA might have reservations about ordering a laser from China, but I can say customer service has been better than many US companies. Don't let that keep you from considering this engraving machine.

gweike cloud Laser Cutter & Engraver with Rotary CO2 (50W/55W) Pro II

gweike cloud Laser Cutter & Engraver with Rotary CO2 (50W/55W) Pro II

Great little laser machine. Excellent customer service. Usually on hand to sort out any query. Would recommend. 5 star service +++++

Enjoying my Gweike Cloud Machine

Very satisfied with my purchase! Love the machine and software. Customer service is great!

Great little Laser after initial problems

The Gweike cloud pro is very well built, sturdy and well thought out. I use it solely with LightBurn and now I’ve set up a materials library for different thickness material the focus works well. The initial problem I had was the laser would not fire, after comms with tech support (very good and very knowledgeable) we discovered it was the microswitch on the draw. Tech support explained step by step how to fit a jumper on the control board so I could disable the switch. The laser has worked perfectly ever since (no need for microswitch should be removed). I’m totally happy with laser and would not hesitate to reccommend A+++

I loved my machine

I am happy with my machine, it does a great job, customer service is excellent, Christina is very kind and attentive, she is attentive to following up with the customer, in summary I am happy with my purchase. Much to learn and take advantage of it. Don't hesitate to buy it.

Powerful and good filter system

Just got my airfilter and I must say it exceeds my expectations.
It is a replacement for my diy filter which was not nearly as good as this professional one. If I had known how good it is in comparison to the diy filter, I would have never started building one myself!
Delivery was fast and it was packaged perfectly. Nevertheless the inner filter could only be removed with some effort, because it was damaged at one corner, so it gets stuck and needs a lot of force when trying to remove it.
We removed it, because we could not find a hose as described above and thought that it could only be in the case itself... but nope, no hose delivered. (Could have been really handy to have a 3m one instead my old 1.5m hose.)

But all in all I can recommend this filter and I give it 5 stars.

This is excellent device I like rotary attachment to grave my Mead bottles. Bee sweet home

well constructed laser, focusing is overly complicated

The laser is built very well and so far is very accurate. However, the focusing is complicated. You have to subtract the thickness of the material from some number then move focus the laser the difference. Using lightburn to get get to focus you need is not intuitive. So for 3mm plywood, I set the focus to 12.8. It would be nice if the controlling software did all the math for you. The laser should know how far away the lens is from the base, what the focus distance is from the lens to the material surface. I don’t know how far the focus distance is. Basically the focusing is complicated with this laser and not intuitive and how it translate into a focus distance in lightburn. It seem designed around using gweike material with a barcode on it, using it without that and lightburn is complicated to focus.

Second there is not much space for thicker material.

I don’t know why there is an exhaust fan i. the exhaust port since you hook up to an external fan anyways it seems redundant and an impediment to air flow.

It is a very good laser it just has some quirks particular in the focusing that make it more complicated then it needs to be when using it with lightburn.

Quality product but...

Pro: High quality, nicely packaged, great product reviews.
I'm looking forward to trying it out once I finish setting it up (need to setup a way to run exhaust from fan of the window due to no air filter/purifier).
Cons: Review states Basic II, I bought/ordered the Pro II. Another fail.
I made the mistake of ordering the new co2 pro2 when it was "on sale" at a introductory price which did not include s/h. Now they roll s/h into the price which means the now normal price is the same as the introductory sales price as I paid the s/h, so it wasn't a sale, just standard pricing. They sent the old rotary attachment instead of the described new rotary when I purchased it. I cannot recall if it was shown in the pictures but I'm confident it was mentioned in the model description.
Also, did not receive the air filter/purifier shown online when purchased, only the large fan and tubing to vent out a window. I'm guessing the pic of the purifier/filter was a remnant of the old model?
I made the mistake of not capturing screenshots of the item and description when I purchased it as I foolishly relied on the email receipt. Lesson learned!
Also, they stated 7-15 days for delivery. It was a full month before it arrived.
I'm still waiting on the "free risers" which are in the midst of production. I'll update my review once they arrive.
Bottom line: Quality seems to be there and they did a fantastic job with packaging and minimal setup was needed compared to others out there. They just need to get better at keeping the product on the site updated and consistent, quit playing games with the pricing which was/is misleading. If they can avoid the issues I experienced (mostly due to rapid growth & popularity), I'm sure the company will end up a leader in their field. Crossing fingers!

Clearance sale

Order was delivered within a week , great service

CO2 50W Laser Tube
Timothy Hartman

CO2 50W Laser Tube

Excellent Experience!

I am absolutely new to lasers. I've experience with sewing, machine embroidery, and craft cutting, but never thought much about lasers. The idea was to buy this for my husband to compliment his 3D printing hobby. It ended up being MINE! We looked at a few lasers, but really what came down to the decision to go with the Gweikecloud Pro II was the price, the experience of the company in industrial lasers, and the customer support. Our order was assigned a sales representative to help guide us through the process. They have technicians ready to help you 24/7 through their chat service and they are VERY helpful and responsive! Not only that, but the Facebook group for Gweikecloud users is very helpful if you need to get information from other users! I've been cutting, engraving, and creating all kinds of neat things for the past month and really looking forward to many more months!

Material Package
silvia boncompagni
all ok


Extended Warranty for gweike cloud Pro

Super appareil

Livraison de qualité , l’appareil est facile à utiliser , j’ai eu quelques petits problèmes avec l’air assist et le sav est incroyable a n’importe quelle heure nous pouvons communiquer avec du personnel hyper compétent je remercie mr Jiang qui est hyper attentionné et Christina qui veille au bon soin de toute les expéditions que j’ai reçu . Bref malgré la distance tout va très vite l’envoie de colis ne prend pas plus de 4 à 5 jours bref je suis très heureuse de mon Gweinke cloud et en plus il est très élégant