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Question to Donald


Has your issue been resolved?
The reason I’m asking as I have been watching YouTube videos and they have been saying this is an awesome machine. If your issue hasn’t been resolved I will purchase from a different manufacturer.

Thank you

Don’t buy it.

I have had this machine since 11-18-22. This machine messes up about half way down the board. If I keep everything on the upper half it seems to half way work. Tech support is blaming lightburn ( which this machine is supposed to work with), and my files. But my lightburn and my files work perfectly on my other laser. If they don’t get it fixed by my 30 return, this thing is going back. I should have spent the money and got one from a US seller so I don’t have to stay up all night and text (not talk) to someone in tech support to try and get this 3k machine to where I can use it.


My machine arrived yesterday! I've named her "Burnadette". 😅
I hooked up all the venting, connected it to WiFi and made my first cuts today! I still have so much to learn but I'm happy with my new toy so far!

YEA I got my machine all working now with Lightburn. After my doctors appointment today LOOK OUT I am doing a LOT of crafting!!! Whoo hoo I am excited!!

Initial setup. I haven't registered or started it up yet. The filter is beside it but I'm venting with the inline fan.

Sunday project

Good day everyone!! This is my Sunday project!
My 4 years old love animals😊🥰

Tabla de picar personalizada

Tabla de picar personalizada
Yo ocupo la nube principalmente por la comodidad del wifi (odio los cables)
Y me funciona perfecto 👌.
El secreto es tener una señal estable y que sea de 2.4G.
Quieres aprender más?

step-by-step tutorial

I put together a tutorial on I make leather patch trucker hats! I hope you enjoy! YouTube video placeholder

I love my new door hanger!! This one was fun to cut and paint.

My first actual project

My first actual project. Nothing major, but I’m happy with it. Lesson learned: use 1/4“ to make signs and not 1/8” because it’s too flimsy.

New Laser

Love the Gweike. Still alot of learning to do but very happy with the purchase. Customer service has been above and beyond.

Birthday present made yesterday for a 5 years old cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes for the little boy!

The Good Review

I have had my machine about 5 weeks and love it . UK based so looking forward to getting to know my machine a lot better

Laser out of the box

We have been working with lasercutters in the public school for the last 5 years, and have many lasercutters. This is the first true laser out of the box solution we have ever tried. Its amazing how simple it is to use, and the fact that it works with Lightburn is amazing. Great build quality and great cutting abilities.. after one week of testing, we orded 2 machines more.

Love the creativity this machine creates!

Excited to get the machine I wanted to get started ASAP! It does take a little time to get it dialed in correctly but once your do it's good to go. They are newer so still trouble shooting little things that pop up but their team is willing and quickly able to help you. They are open to suggestions and are constantly making improvements. Must have some knowledge about files and such. It's not plug and play like a popular vinyl machine. Once you get it down your world will open up!

Great lazer engraver!!

I absolutely love my lazer engraver. I purchased it came packaged extremely well took some time to put it together but was well worth it. It has taken so reading, research, and alot of trial and error but I have finally figured out the ins and outs. I have burned wood in both design and photograph, learned to cut wood and also have been able to cut paper and felt as well as sticker foam as long as it is a larger item due to the foam melting with smaller details. I am still experimenting and fine tuning my settings for what I want it to do.

No support

Z axis doesn’t work. Submitted a support request last week and never even got a response not sure why I got no support. Hopefully this is just an oversight.

Hello Joseph, sorry for that. We just end 7days National Day holiday, and ignored some messages. After-sale support staff will contact you today.

just look my picture

There’s no two ways about it, it’s a great piece of equipment. Focusing the laser is easy, the ability to see *exactly* where the image will be engraved is excellent. You can position with such accuracy (which is all I worried about). I have only done leather and plastic pieces so far, and I’m still figuring out depth and laser power for each material. But here’s the thing: if you go too low power on an item? You can realign and go over it again with precision to get a deeper more pronounced etch. I really love it so far. Super easy assembly and set up. I look forward to doing a lot with it. If you work with Photoshop every day like I do and understand imaging well-you can see even more potential. But you don’t have to have that background to use this excellent machine.

sharing my experience

My experience has been that tech support has been very responsive anytime I've had issues. T here was a learning curve for me but I love the machine.

The Upgrading

Finally got to grips with cutting mirrored acrylic…
Upgrading my welcome event signs with acrylic lettering, and prepping some food sticks for Halloween
Happy it’s getting to grips with it slowly!

A greate product

I love this machine. It's easy to use and is quiet. I have other crafting machines and this is my favorite one to use. I told my friend and she has purchased this machine. I can't brag enough about this machine. I would give up my cuttlebug, big shot and gemini machines for this one if I could only own one machine. Thank you for a truly great product.

This is a great beginner laser.

This is a great beginner laser. It's does great detail in the nc mode and is really easy to use and set up. I already recommended it to a friend and he got one too. Customer service is super helpful too.

So far, so good.

Only had the machine for a week so far. Not enough time to make a substantial review. I can say the components are very well constructed of sturdy materials. No skimping on anything that I can tell. The “7 day delivery” advertised was 7 BUSINESS days, but it did arrive safe and sound via truck line. Delivery was a little weird as the driver sat in the large box truck, blocking traffic for 10 minutes before getting out to actually deliver the item, then sat another 5 minutes before pulling off. A bit strange.

Good experience

I have the machine since last december, no complaints, excellent service from their techsupport, same thing from the customer service, small issues at my end easily solvable.


So far I am loving my laser. It even arrived before the estimated date. Have used it for several small projects, basically just learning. No problems so far and I’ve had it for a few weeks.