How to Use Laser Engraving Glass

Can personalize Both laser etching and engraving on glass, and we'll talk about laser engraved glass alone next. With the continuous advancement of laser engraving technology, using laser engraved glass has many advantages over hand engraving. And with the upgrade of laser engraving machines, some machines support the addition of rotary axes, which means you can engrave not only flat glass but also cylindrical glass such as glass cups and glass balls.
In this article

  1. Can you glass laser engraving
  2. How to laser engraving glass
  3. Tips for engraving glass with gweikecloud Pro
  4. How to choose laser rotation attachment
  5. Benefits of laser engraving glass
  6. How to choose the most suitable glass for laser engraving
  7. Safety issues to keep in mind when laser engraving glass
  8. Conclusion

Can you glass laser engraving

glass laser engraving

Yes, we often use co2 laser engraving machine to engrave glass. At this point, can a diode laser engrave glass as well?

The answer is that diodes could be better at engraving glass. Diode laser machines have lower optical power compared to other types of machines.

Therefore, diode laser machines do not generate enough heat to engrave glass. The diode can engrave the glass if the glass surface is coated with a chemical coating, such as paint. In short, I do not recommend you use a diode laser machine to engrave glass.

How to laser engraving glass

We at gweikecloud Pro use co2 glass tubes. This eliminates the need to purchase separate paints, lacquers, or spray guns to coat the glass with paint before engraving. The gweikecloud Pro saves a lot of steps compared to diode engravers. Of course, if you have a diode laser machine, you will need to purchase the products I mentioned above before engraving. Next, the process of laser engraving glass is described as follows.

  1. Industrial alcohol wipes the glass
    First, use a dry towel to remove the dust and impurities from the glass tube. Then wipe the glass surface with industrial alcohol, mainly to remove any possible traces of oil on the glass surface.
  2. Set the engraving parameters
    Select the appropriate engraving parameters according to the machine's focus parameter table and material cutting thickness table.
    *The engraving parameters recommended by the machine after auto-focus can be used as a reference
  3. Place the rotating attachment
    When everything is ready, you need to add the rotary axis of the carving glass or cylinder.
  4. Start engraving
    Then click "Start" to complete the glass engraving
    *If it is the first time to engrave, it is recommended to test the engraving parameters on the spare parts first.

Tips for laser engraving glass with gweikecloud Pro

  1. Using a co2 laser engraving machine, we can engrave most of our common types of glass, but the engraving effect is also different for different glass.
  2. Generally, cheap glass contains less lead so that the engraving effect will be more perfect
  3. Low power is suitable for engraving a perfect surface
  4. The carving process is not recommended for a long time of continuous carving. The high heat generated can not be dissipated and will lead to an uneven carving surface
  5. Apply detergent on the glass surface to help the glass dissipate heat
  6. Using water-soaked paper on the surface of the engraved glass is good for better engraving results

Everyday tips for engraving champagne glasses

engraving champagne glasses

Champagne Glasses

  1. Engraving champagne glasses is recommended to try using the chuck type rotating attachment. This will fix the glasses to the maximum extent and will not quickly produce misalignment during engraving.
  2. When engraving champagne glasses, high temperatures may cause fire, so make sure the cooling water temperature is below 20°C, and you need to keep an eye on the engraving situation.
  3. Wipe the engraving surface with wipe paper after engraving. Avoid pricking your fingers with tiny glasses.

Tips for engraving glass - mug

engraving glass - mug

  1. Step 1:
    Select the image you wish to engrave and ensure that gweike cloud Pro is in working order. If the mug you are about to engrave is one that you particularly like or is unique to you, it is recommended that you test the engraving parameters on other mugs first.
  2. Step 2:
    Measure the circumference and height of the mug, then adjust the spacing and height of the rotary axis and the position of the laser module according to the data
  3. Step 3:
    Select a suitable engraving parameter according to the material engraving parameter table and import the image
  4. Step 4:
    Click on Start. You will have a unique mug with your logo in a few minutes!

How to choose laser rotation attachment

Next, let us briefly understand the issues related to the rotary attachment. The laser rotation axis is the key to engraving cylinders such as water glasses and wine bottles. At the same time, choosing the right rotary attachment also benefits our engraving.

Working Principle

Glass engraving is done by rotation


  1. Roller Type
    Two movable rollers are used to control the size of the engraved glass. Please choose the right width, put on the glass to be engraved, and use the friction between them to rotate the glass to complete the final engraving continuously.
    *It is not recommended to move the product during the operation, otherwise it will be easy to produce misalignment
  2. Chucking type
    Rotate the product by jamming the two ends of the glass or wine bottle, suitable for hollow glass products. This way is more accurate and not easy to slip.
  3. Four-wheel type
    There are four wheels at the four corners of the rotating attachment. For glass products with different heights at the front and back, the size of the wheels can be raised so that the glass products to be engraved are on a level surface.

How to operate the rotary attachment

How to operate the laser rotation attachment in Lightburn

Benefits of laser engraving glass

Laser engraved glass has many advantages over mechanical engraving and sandblasting. Details are as follows:

  1. Direct engraving without template
  2. Clearer engraving effect and high contrast
  3. Consistent engraving effect after setting the parameters
  4. Laser engraved glass has a low cost and high efficiency
  5. Compared with the sandblasting process, laser engraved glass operation is simple

How to choose the most suitable glass for laser engraving

There are many types of glass we commonly use, and their main material is silica, and different chemical components are added to produce different properties. Depending on the chemical composition of the glass, its engraving effect is also different. The following are some of the cheap and good engraving materials.

  1. Soda-lime glass
    Soda-lime glass mainly comprises silica, calcium oxide, and sodium oxide. It is a very suitable type of glass for laser engraving. It is also one of the most widely used glasses nowadays because of its low cost.
  2. Silicate glass
    Silicate glass is mainly composed of silica and alumina. It is highly resistant to cracking and is commonly used in window and door glass. It is also one of the most popular items for laser engraving.
  3. Borosilicate glass
    Borosilicate glass is mainly composed of boron oxide and silica and is also one of the more suitable glass materials for laser engraving.
  4. Colorful eyeglasses
    You read correctly that Colorful eyeglasses are also a type of glass, and we can also engrave them perfectly using a laser engraving machine. *Colorful eyeglasses cannot contain metal elements such as lead.
  5. Flat Glass
    Flat glass is usually designed by laser to make decorative items. So it is one of the preferred materials for laser engraving.
  6. Mirror glass
    We can only engrave this special type of glass with a frosted effect using a co2 laser cutter. It would help if you used a fiber laser engraving machine to keep the original mirror effect.

Glasses that cannot be engraved with co2 laser

All glass containing lead, zinc, and other metal elements cannot be engraved with co2. This is because the metal will reflect laser light to damage the laser tube and reduce the life of the laser tube.

Safety issues to keep in mind when laser engraving glass

Our safety is also worth noting when engraving glass. Although gweikecloud Pro has an emergency stop setting, it is more beneficial for our safety to be prepared in advance. Here are some things we need to pay attention to

  1. Laser engraver for glass in a well-ventilated environment
  2. If you are using a diode laser machine, the protective layer of pigment and paint applied before engraving may produce harmful gases during the engraving process, which need to be protected in advance
  3. Test in advance with a cheap wine glass. Otherwise, the direct engraving effect may not be good
  4. Do not touch the glass immediately after engraving. It may burn yourself


After knowing the knowledge of laser engraving glass, you can choose the glass material reasonably to carry out different tests. And you can engrave your creativity on the glass material suitable for laser engraving.

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