Difference Between Honeycomb Bed and Knife Blade Table

Have you noticed that CO2 laser cutting machines are divided into honeycomb beds and knife blade tables and that many people may need to learn the difference between the two?
Let's examine the difference between a honeycomb bed and a knife blade table.

Pros of knife blade table

knife blade table
  1. Suitable for cutting heavier and larger materials such as wood and acrylic
  2. Can remove individual blades for easy cleaning
  3. Less possibility of warping if screwed in place
  4. Better air permeability, the bottom of the cut material is less likely to show burn marks
  5. Not convenient for fixing materials

Pros of honeycomb bed

laser cutter honeycomb bed
  1. Suitable for cutting lighter materials such as paper and fabric
  2. The honeycomb holes are effective in removing smoke, and the material is less likely to be blackened by smoke, resulting in better engraving and cutting results
  3. During the cutting process, the laser may penetrate through the honeycomb panel and burn into the drawer, leaving burn marks on the metal drawer, which is unsightly.
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